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Thanks arpit gupta sir best homeopathic dr in indore very good experience.....!!

Mohsin Khan,

I get better improvement by treatment in my problem.

Dipendra Kumar,

I was suffering from severe weakness due to some issues but after lot of treatment finally when i took treatment at aarogya super specialty under Dr Arpit chopra I got cured only in 15 days,thanks dr you are amazing for any critical case as well as lifestyle diseases. Thanks again

Bharat Pateria,

I was suffering from severe nervous breakdown and delayed response but only in 1 month treatment at aarogya super specialty modern homeopathic clinic I got my self-confidence and now I had been selected on Indian idol by my voice with full confidence.thanks Dr Arpit chopra MD Homeopathy form given strength to may career. Highly recommended !!

Lucky Singh,

I was suffering from severe backache and had tried various allopathic treatment but no improvement was there finally I started at treatment at arogya multi specialty clinic and found relief in very short time. Thanks to Dr Arpit chopra

Sunder Lal Patil,

I was suffering from ULNER NEUROPATHY which was creating huge numbness in my hand. I took lot of treatment from 4 renowned neurologist of Indore after lot of expenses but no relief was there. Then by Justdial services we got to know about Dr Arpit Chopra MD Homeopathy of Aarogya Super Specialty Modern Homeopathic Clinic Computerised. He has given correct diagnosis & provided 15 days of treatment and surprisingly I got recovered 90% in 15 days of fast MODERN HOMEOPATHY treatment. Great Dr Arpit & thanks for the same.

Megha Sharma,

Very fast results for severe Acidity with Migraine in effective way & safely handled. Excellent Dr Arpit Chopra & at Aarogya Super Specialty Modern Homeopathic Clinic .Thanks Doctor.

Rukhmang Sharma,

I was suffering from severe ANXIETY NEUROSIS WITH ALLERGY, took lot of psychiatry and allergy treatment but finally at Aarogya Super Specialty Modern Homeopathic Clinic under Dr Arpit Chopra I got very quick cure without any side effects. Diagnosis is good & treatment is very effective, thanks Dr Arpit Chopra.

Heena Sherwani,


Anil Gupta,

My 2 small brain tumors got dissolved without any surgery by modern homeopathy and with great efforts of Dr Arpit chopra jain . Really only after 1 month of his treatment we are surprised to see that there are only scars left in brain and tumorous growth has been dissolved, great dr your treatment is like miracle and hope for suffering humanity. Really you are dealing with super specialty care from homeopathy which was unexpected from homeopathy but my mother`s cure for brain tumor given me full trust for homeopathy for treatment of critical cases by homeopathy. Thanks Dr Arpit Chopra & his modern homeopathy super specialty treatment.

Shyama Bai Rathore,

I am very thankful to Dr Arpit And Aarogya Super Speciality Modern Homeopathic Clinic that by their excellent fast Modern homeopathy concept my personal problems with gastric problems got cured only in 2 months of cost effective treatment with no extra charges,facilities are very good,doctor himself give personal attention to patients,services are excellent ,there is no limit for medicines and consultation for full month,patient is having just like insurance for all problems or for any unexpected new problems also may be treat without any extra charges,overall all cured patients records and data are available., Overall this is truly clinic where doctors working seriously and sincerely on patients to give best results. I am very happy to recommend this clinic for any type of health problems. Thanks Dr again for giving me confidence.

Dilip Patidar,

I was suffering from sexual problem & burning in urine since long time. Finally after long treatment from different clinic, I took appointment at Aarogya Super Speciality Modern Homeopathic Clinic under Dr Arpit Chopra, where I got complete relief in just 1 month of treatment without any side effects. Thanks doctor to save my personal life.

Amber Patel,

Heartily thanks to Dr Arpit Chopra MD homeopathy for curing my 8 years old allergy problem with sinusitis only in 1 month of treatment with permanency. Thanks sir.

Ramnivas Patel,

I was suffering from SEVERE EPILEPSY since 8 years , took lot of traetment but finally got permanent relief at Aarogya Super Specialty Modern Homeopathic Clinic just in 1 month timeline without any side effects. We are very much satisfied thanks DR Arpit for given me normal life, excellent !!

Shehzadi Khan,

I have cured my 8 years old asthma problem in a very fast mode only in 2 months and I am free from puff now. I had a very good experience with Dr. Arpit Chopra MD Homeopathy of Aarogya Super Specialty Modern Homeopathic Clinic and we had highly satisfactory result for the treatment we have enrolled for. Below are the points we liked: 1: Sufficient time for explaining the problem and regular review on the every 15 days visit. 2: Good knowledge/understanding of various problems. 3: Fast improvements. 4: Cost of treatment is also not expensive. 5: It has worked very good, thanks Dr Arpit.

Dilip Igam,

I was having lipoma ,underwent surgical removal once,but was continuously relapsing & progressing in other areas also,then i took treatment under Dr Arpit Chopra & now my lipoma nodes had reduced a lot & not spreading since treatment.thanks sir for this treatment.thanks again.

Sandeep Kaushal,

My wife was suffering from Diabetic foot & Deep ulcer in both legs ,underwent surgery for 4 times in past & finally had been advised for amputation but fortunately i met with DR Arpit Chopra & under his Modern homoeopathy cure she is now 90 % alright & living very well without any complications. Thanks sir & for providing my hope & confidence as well.

Meena Jaiswal,

I was suffering from nephrotic syndrome with light chain amyloidosis bearing very hopeless life but with the help of Modern Homeopathy, I got hope & is quite healthy & living normal life. Thanks Dr Arpit Chopra.

Manju Jhanwar,

Very good permanent cure received for large renal stone with hydronephrosis. As we had already operated for same problem twice in past and no side effects & relief from first dose

Akilla Bee,

Excellent Treatment Facilities !!!


I was having severe migraine problem with allergic sinusitis since long time. After started treatment from Dr Arpit Chopra MD Homoeopathy at Aarogya Super Speciality Modern Homeopathic Clinic, I got completely cured from my problem in only one and half month. I am very happy for having quick complete cure, thanks Dr Arpit Chopra and Modern Homoeopathy Concepts.

Shaifali Jat,

I was having problem of severe painful bleeding piles from last 3 months. After taking lot of medicines I came to know about Aarogya Super Speciality Modern Homeopathic Clinic and Dr Arpit Chopra MD Homeopathy. As I heard it was true that Dr Arpit Chopra himself gives personal attention to each and every patient and really I got benefited by first day I taken the modern homeopathic medicines. I am very much comfortable and thanks to Aarogya Super Speciality Modern Homeopathic Clinic and Dr Arpit Chopra MD Homeopathy to help me to relieve from these painful situation in very fast mode and safe treatment with permanency. Excellent doctor, keep it up to help people!!!!

Yugal Patel,

I was suffering from deep corn problems in my sole from last 3 months. I had almost decided to go for surgical incision but finally I got cured in very quick time at Aarogya Super Speciality Modern Homeopathic Clinic under Dr Arpit Chopra MD Homoeopathy with concepts of modern homoeopathy without any surgery. Really I am very much happy by Dr Arpit Chopra, great doctor and you helped me to relieve my worries. Thanks.

Sandeep Shahl,

I got cured in a very quick time for my severe gastric problem with bleeding piles without any side effects by great and fast modern homeopathy. Excellent and you did a great work, God bless you as again you gave me a hope and faith for homeopathy.

Ravi Mewade,

I am very much heartily thankful to Dr Arpit Chopra Jain Aarogya Super Specialty Modern Homeopathic Clinic that I got cured in very quick time as I am getting great improvement in my physical complaints everyday after start treatment with Modern homeopathy concepts in safe way. Thanks again Dr Arpit.

Jitendra Singhi,

I am diabetic patient and was suffering from high creatinine level 12.50 and was facing long time increasing trend with all types of medicines and insulin therapy as well since 3 years advised for dialysis. Finally we had sent by our relative to Aarogya Super Speciallity Modern Homeopathic Clinic Computerised and consulted Dr Arpit Chopra Jain. We really thankful to him as only in 15 days my creatinine level came down to 8.4 and first time I saw any decreasing trend in 3 years. Great doctor and you saved me from dialysis and complicated procedures. Thanks again.

Rajesh Jain,

I was suffering from acute appendicitis, liver and dyslipidaemia problems. I had been advised for appendicectomy but I consulted Dr Arpit through Justdial at Aarogya Super Speciality Modern Homeopathic Clinic and truly I got cured for appendicitis and dyslipidaemia in only 15 days of modern homeopathy treatment. Now there is no inflammation in appendix found in USG report and my cholesterol level now also is in normal range. I was really very surprised that even in surgical suggested cases Modern homeopathy works like miracle. Thanks Dr Arpit to save me from surgery and cure my dyslipidaemia problem in a very quick time

Yuvraj Soni,

Awesome clinic


Thanks to Dr Arpit Chopra and Aarogya Super Speciality Modern Homeopathic Clinic to provide me an excellent relief in my mood disorder problems as I got permanent relief from many psychiatric drugs in just 15 days of modern homeopathy treatment. As I was getting side effects of those drugs and was suffering from lethargy and sleepiness all the time. Thanks doctor for providing me my natural mental health without any drugs.

Divyani Jain,

I was suffering from heavy personal dysfunction and skin allergy problem since long time with so many treatment and wasted lot of money for same. But finally I got completely cured in very quick time for same problems under Dr Arpit Chopra`s Aarogya Super Speciality Modern Homeopathic Clinic. Great doctor and you provided me my actual strength and I am feeling very nice to explain this. Keep it up!!!!

Vivek Swami,

i was having high creatinine ratio above 10.55 and was having on dialysis 3 times in a week with severe urinary retention and decreased urine output and swelling over body and vomiting after food. After so many burdened treatment, I got contact of Dr Arpit Chopra at Aarogya Super Speciality Modern Homeopathic Clinic and started treatment. Very soon within 2 days my creatinine level is near 6 and I am not having any retention of urine, no swelling and no vomiting and nausea. Great doctor you given me hope of life with your positive side effect, less approach and modern homeopathy cure. God bless you!!!!!!

Ashfaq Khan,

I was having severe Allergic dermatitis with having high IgE value more than 2000 (allergy level-Normal value up to 165 ) .After so many treatments and efforts i took treatment at Aarogya Super Specialty Modern Homeopathic Clinic and finally I got cured with in 6 months period as per my satisfaction & expectation without side effects. Thanks to Modern Homoeopathy cure. Great!!


When I first visited Dr. Arpit Chopra I was an extremely nervous patient. Dr. soon changed my perception as all the staff made me feel really at ease. From the reception to Dr. I received exceptional customer service.. Finally I got best treatment for my personal health hair fall & sexual problems with great satisfaction & safety. Thanks Dr Chopra & Modern Homeopathy cure..

Ajay Mal,

Thanks to cure my Personal problem which was disappointing me in front of my wife.. Due to Modern homeopathy cure I got complete relief without side effects in quick time. Thanks a lot.

Vikram Panchal,

Safe cure with low cost and proper care follow up with no restrictions. Good services. Excellent.

Vishal Kharche,

Excellent treatment with natural way of modern homeopathy without any side effects. Great.

Arpan Rao ,

Thanks for giving me wonderful results for my severe skin allergic problems in quick relief .Excellent

Vikram Gupta,

Excellent cure for any health disorders in safe & fast mode with complete satisfaction..

Harshal Kumar,

Heartily thanks to Dr Arpit Chopra & modern homoeopathy system to cure my personal life problems with great satisfaction in very quick time with safety.

Ajit Shrivastava,

Honestly ultimate response in acute allergic rashes in single day of modern homeopathy treatment, unbelievable to me as it responded even faster than other system, really great & appreciable. Thanks Dr Arpit Chopra & modern homeopathy

Ajay Verma,

I was having genital warts & dermatitis, after so much treatment finally it got cured with Modern homeopathy cure of Dr Arpit Chopra. Really it works in complicated cases in easy way.

Aayusman Gupta,

Excellent and safe cure from root of disease available in Modern Homeopathy with proper diagnosis and easy mode in complete sense. Thanks doctor.

Ashu Panchal,

I was suffering from sexual debility i.e. Erectile Dysfunction with premature ejaculation with great weakness, after long many of treatment i came to know about Dr Arpit Chopra`s natural Modern Homeoapathic super specialty cure for same , wonderfully I got excellent results with no side effects in very quick time with efficacy. Thank you for providing my actual strength & vitality.

R K Shrivastava,

Excellent cure for my 2 yrs chronic Piles problem in just 25 days treatment, with great satisfaction & relief. Thanks Dr Arpit Chopra & Modern Homeopathy system..

Rakshit Bohra,

Extremely thankful to Dr Arpit & Modern homeopathy to give complete relief in just 3 months medications from severe piles & digestive problems, Great workup for patients, now my father is under getting benefit for his long time Diabetes, really it works very fast also due to Modern Homeopathy concepts.

Ashish Gupta,

My tremendous hairloss problem with weakness got cured in 6 months , that I am getting my natural hair growth now. Really Modern homeopathy corrects internal metabolic disorder to treat disease in complete manners. Great, really great.

Haider Ali,

My Hyper-pigmentation complexion disorder with hair fall problem of 5 years had been cured with excellent mode of Modern homeopathy & in safe hands of Dr Arpit Chopra, I am really very thankful to Homeopathy.

Maitri Malhotra,

Thanks you Dr Arpit Chopra for curing my knee pain & body swelling with great relief & safety mode of Modern Homeopathy Care in very quick time. I can now walk on my own, God bless you.

Ritu Verma,

Thanks Dr Arpit for giving me complete relief for my Allergic problems of years in just 2 months, first time I am ok at this winter weather without any problem, great wonderful Modern homeopathy cure with fast results.


Wonderful treatment for any disorders with excellent results & fast mode & safety without tension, remarkable & memorable way of dealing patients with perfection

Anshul Malviya,

I am extremely thankful to Dr Arpit that my sons sudden fainting problems got cured in very quick time without any anti depressent & sedatives, he is living his normal life without any heavy side effects medications. Great neurological cure by Modern Homeopathy.

Kiran Shah,

Surprised, only in 15 days of medication my migraine problems of years got cured with Dr Arpit Chopra`s Modern Homeopathy treatment, awesome results, excellent doctor.

Ankit Verma,

Marvelous hair loss cure & recovery in just first month of Modern Homeopathy course for me under Dr Arpit Chopra as I was hopeless since ever for same & had tried lot of therapy, but as per Dr Arpit Metabolic disorders like hair fall, indigestion etc is best treatable with Modern homeopathy, really true. Great


Wonderful treatment for hair & skin disorders without side effects in quick way, almost covering all health disorders in single discipline. Best service anytime, great!

Ms Garima,

Excellent cure by Modern Homeopathic super specialty concepts under Dr Arpit Chopra (MD Homoeopathy). He is covering almost 300 disorders of medical science in complete, permanent, easy, safe & cost effective mode, really great & appreciable.

Prakash Dhangar,

My Respiratory allergy with sinusitis got cured under wonderful treatment of Dr Arpit Chopra with concept of modern homeopathy as it was really looking to be uncured, best thing that I can manage any change of season & city, location of world as I am in touring job. Thanks, Dr Arpit.

Pravin Shrivastava,

Really excellent natural modern homeopathy, super specialty cure for skin & hair ailments without side effects in permanent mode in fast mode & quick time as per requirement of patient, this was actually what we required from doctor or any therapy.

Pradeep Sahu,

I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism & low Vit B12 level just because of Dr Arpit Chopra & his diagnostic skills ,perception towards each & every clinical case. As I was looking for perfect cure after lot of treatments with multiple doctors ,which got succeeded at AAROGYA SUPERSPECIALITY MODERN HOMEOPATHIC CLINIC of Dr Arpit Chopra.Thank you Dr for cure my Hair fall & baldness problems.

Raj Kumar,

When I first visited Dr. Arpit Chopra I was an extremely nervous patient. Dr. soon changed my perception as all the staff made me feel really at ease. From the reception to Dr. I received exceptional customer service.. Finally I got best treatment for my personal health hair fall & sexual problems with great satisfaction & safety. Thanks Dr Chopra & Modern Homeopathy cure..


Effective treatment for personal health & sexual problems in natural way & safe mode with early response as well. Thanks for providing me hopeful life as I was in embarrassed condition with lot of previous drugs.


Thanks for Dr Arpit & modern homeopathy for treating my hairfall & chronic allergic rhinitis in very quick time without any chemical drugs & side effects.

Samarth Chaturvedi,

I am also glad to mention about cure my Hair fall problems with extreme severity that I was in depression , then I came to know about Dr Arpit Chopra & his Modern homeopathy cure for hair loss problems & in just almost 2 months I am in condition that I am okay with my hair fall rate.. Also I improved my health & Anaemia with weakness problems in same treatment. Now Dr Arpit is just like our Family doctor as my parents are also planning for their Hypertension & Diabetes treatment from him.

Vishakha Tiwari,

I got excellent weight loss just in 3 months about 17 kg with perfect Modern homeopathy & Diet guidance with useful tips , Best thing I LOST WEIGHT NOT THE MONEY. Thanks to Dr Arpit Chopra & Modern Homeopathy treatment.

Priyanka Tiwari,

Great & hearty thanks to Modern Homeopathy system & Dr Arpit Chopra to cure my Chronic Allergic Tonsillitis with weakness since long time in spite of lot of treatment.. Really it works in natural way without side effects & fast mode as well, now my father who having Chronic Renal failure with increased creatinine level in under great treatment. Thanks Doctor

Saiyad Ali,

I also got excellent results for my severe nasal allergy problem as like my brother aanand. One thing is very good that at Aarogya we can take multiple family members treatment in one place with Super speciality care & results with safety. Excellent services !

Ankit Jain,

Quick relief in my Allergic dermatitis problems as I was fed up from anti allergic tablets & creams, great care with permanent satisfaction. Thanks to Aarogya Super specialty

Aakash Gangore,

Extremely thankful to Dr Arpit & Modern homeopathy to give complete relief in just 3 months medications from severe piles & digestive problems. Great workup for patients, now my father is under getting benefit for his long time Diabetes. Really it works very fast also due to Modern Homeopathy concepts

Ashish Gupta,

Excellent cure for intimate problems with weakness with natural way without side effects & in fast mode, thanks to Aarogya Super Speciallity

Sankalp Gupta,

My tremendous hair loss problem with weakness got cured in 6 months, that I am getting my natural hair growth now, really Modern homeopathy corrects internal metabolic disorder to treat disease in complete manners. Great, really great!

Haider Ali,

Excellent cure & location for every medical disease with safe & advanced Modern Homeopathy Treatment in fast mode. This is really really like miracle, needs more promotion also for public. Thanks Justdial

Indra Sharma,

Thanks for treating my personal problems as I was very upset for same, I took only 1 month course that also provided me great advantage and relief. Good & safe care.

Raja Vishnoi,

Great appreciation to Dr Arpit & his Modern Homeopathy Cure as I totally lost my nasal smell capacity doe to Allergic sinusitis, which got cured in single month treatment very fast, now my whole family`s treatment is under his super specialty care, well thing that we may add any new disorders treatment with existing medication without huge quantity of medication without hassle & side effects. Great services for patients with good humanity aim & relations. Keep it up, my best wishes for Dr Arpit Chopra( MD Homeopathy)

Ms. Kavita Sharma,

I just got cured from 20 yrs Migraine & Dark Hyper-pigmentation disorder on body with sun allergy only after 2 months of Modern Homeopathy course under Dr Arpit Chopra without any trouble. Excellent hospitality as well. Thanks!!

Ms. Nagpurwala,

My Fatty Liver got cured only in 3 months of treatment with complete relief with complete safety, miracle, as I was very tensed about same & its prognosis. I really appreciate excellent results of Modern Homeopathy under Dr Arpit Chopra`s super specialty center

Vivek Chandwani,

Highly thankful to Dr Arpit Chopra ( Md Homeopath) for giving excellent relief to my wife for Allergic Sinusitis & mother for chronic bedridden weakness with indigestion problems in very natural quick mode without any harm to body.I appreciate his Modern Homeopathy approach for complete & safe cure without hesitation

Kishore Shah,

I am teacher by profession & was having severe Rheuamatology disorder( Swelling & Pain all over body since 15 years) so that i used to take 20 mg of steroids in daily basis , but fortunately i came under Modern Homeopathic Super Specialty treatment of Dr Arpit Chopra & now after 2 months only I am steroids free life, & best part is that I am not having swelling on body also & my eosinophill count also are in control first time in my 15 years of sufferings. Thanks Dr Arpit Chopra( MD Homeopathy) to provide me my natural life, I really very much surprised with his treatment. God bless him.


One thing is very good with Dr Arpit Chopra & his Modern Homeopathy cure that he is having excellent safe results in Skin , Hyper-pigmentation & Dermatology Cosmetic disorders as he prescribes natural treatment without any hormonal & steroidal therapy with advanced life style modification counseling, that is required always for curing any disorders, Thanks doctor for providing Super specialty Homeopathy cure.

Nishi Shah,

My severe Psoriasis flare up reactions got settled under treatment of Dr Arpit in only 2 months of duration with his supporting as well as curative therapy, I am still under his treatment & getting improvement as per my best satisfaction. Excellent results with certainity.

Swati Garg,

I was preparing for television news channel interview but I got severe hyperpigmentation reaction at my face due to chemical burning & sideeffects of laser therapy as well, then in very short period of time it got completely cured under natural Modern Homeopathy cure by Dr Arpit, I was able to face camera then after, Thanks for great support for my emerging career, really miraculous..

Neha Chajlani,

I am very graceful for my Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrome (PCOD) cure by Dr Arpit Chopra by Modern Homeopathy as I was tired from lot of hormonal tablets & Menstrual cycle irregularities. I am living very healthy life without any problem, thanks Dr Arpit.

Archana Shrivastava,

I was suffering from MALE IMPOTENCY due to Low sperm count with decreased morphology with motility,& got cured only in 2 months miracally with super treatment of Dr Arpit via Modern Homeopathic medicines , NOW i am father of 6 month child, thanks to Dr Arpit for completing my family & opportunity to receive best gift of my life. God bless him,thanks

Deepak Dhotre,

I got cured for Ear NeuroSensory Hearing loss & partial Deafness with miracle of Modern Homeopathy as it was incurable by other system inspite of Steroidal injectable therapy inside the ear. Thanks for provide my normal hearing life, wonderful & excellent.

Rajesh Rajoriya,

I reduced 19 kg of weight only in 4 months with natural Modern Homeopathy cure without having any sideeffects & hasselfree mode, thanks, as it was permanent not again relapsed

Devendra Chandwani,

Excellent results in all cosmetic & skin disorders like pimples , Acne ,hyper pigmentation, dark circles, melasma etc with advanced Lifestyle modification counseling & complete Modern homeopathy treatment

Pereti Vaishnav,

I was having male personal problem i.e. Erectile Dysfunction as well as Premature Ejaculation, took lot of treatment including lot of steroids,formula etc from many doctors but was unable to cure ,finally i consulted Dr Arpit Chopra(MD Homeopathy) & started his Modern Homeopathic treatment under his super care & guidance,he guaranted to resolve this problem from inner metabolic correction as well as CNS & circulatory improvement with MOdern Homeopathic medicines, believe me i got completely cured in very quick time without any sideeffects in complete permanent mode, really his treatment is wonderful as his confidence.

Rakesh Sharma,

My Piles got cured in very quick time without any sufferings with excellent therapy of Dr Arpit Chopra with help of MODERN HOMEOPATHY. I think any treatment is now curable with MODERN HOMEOPATHY , as it belongs to perfect Diagnosis & treatment accordingly in complete sense, it is not old traditional Homeopathy which is only based on symptoms, Modern Homeopathy is somewhat according to need of Modern Medical science, Thanks to Dr Arpit Chopra(MD Homeopathy) to introduce this concept to world & suffering humanity.

Sunil Jaiswal,

My whole family is under treatment of Dr Arpit because of his miracle results from MODERN HOMEOPATHY, my grandfather`s Prosate Cancer with adrenal mass is almost in good condition since starting of his therapy 1 year back, my father`s Gallbladder stone got cured without surgery & my acne got cured in very quick time without sideeffects, he is really wonderful with his results & new concept of MODERN HOMEOPATHY.Atpresent my cousine sister`s Thalasemea is under his treatment ,going also well ,Thanks Dr for your great help ,God bless u

Harsha Sajnani,

Excellent treatment for hair fall & baldness. Really I appreciate dr arpit & modern homeopathy cure as I was very scared with treatment of lot of previous doctors. Best part that he is always agree to take challenging case. This also gives confidence to patient,really thanks & excellent.

Ankita Shrivastava,

At present I am at USA. I am extremely thankful for Dr Arpit that he gave me my complete natural health free from my severe Nasal Allergy from root. His treatment is no doubt excellent.

Saurabh Malhotra,

Really Modern Homeopathy & treatment of Dr Arpit Chopra is wonderful.I got severe Skin Allergy( Maculopapular Reaxctions) through out body which worsened in very severity by use of Allopathic drugs by 2 different Dermatologist, it was very unbearable for me, then i took Modern homeopathy treatment from Dr Arpit & tremendously within 2 days my 90% complaints disappeared & on day three it was fully recovered, Thanks for this marvelous cure without any side effects with so fast results.

Professor Choudhry,

Really true miracle cure from Dr Arpit & Modern Momeopathy, my son Anshu diagnosed with Atrial Septal Disease(ASD) means whole in the wall of Heart & advised for surgery at till 6 yrs of age. We started Modern Homeopathic treatment since his age of 3 years & miracle happened that at age of six when we were ready for surgery at AIMS , we came to know that the whole of Heart has been filled up , even doctors of AIMS were surprised. We really sincerely thankful to Dr Arpit & Modern homeopathy for this miracle, as their efforts saved my Child`s life & my huge expenses in terms of surgery.

Jitendra Sharma,

My 6 yrs daughter payal Jetpuriya was diagnosed for incurable & rare disorder of medical science named as OSTEOPOROSIS INFERFECTA. She can`t even stand up, & had been provided prognosis of death in early future from this disorder. We consulted Dr Arpit with positive hope & I would like to share surprised fact that Payal walked only 1 month of treatment & still she in under his Super speciality Modern Homeopathic cure with best belief & hope. Thanks!!

Laxmikant Jetpuriya,

My wife`s blood cancer was told about survival of only 1 month in 2005 from every best hospital of India including AIMS, Jaslok hospital bombay etc. Then we met Dr Arpit Chopra, believe me my wife survived for 6 yrs with normal life , though she has passed away now, but we are extremely thankful to Modern Homeopathy & Dr Arpit for giving us opportunity for our family life maintenance with his super speciality care.

Pusrshottam Choudhary,

My Cancer was hopeless, under treatment of Dr Arpit Chopra & Modern Homeopathy I am living very normal life with a new hope & approach, really Modern Homeopathy works on more than 300 disorders of medical science as dealing here. Thanks & hope for more advancement from Modern homeopathy towards suffering Humanity.

Shraddha Jain,

Naure& mode of treatment is excellent as patient feel that he is in safe hands with caring attitude of doctor, Thanks to Dr Arpit Chopra & Modern homeopathy, Best of luck & keep it up!

Vikas Shrivastava,

Really, Modern Homeopathy is the best new concept for treating any disorders as it is very easy with complete cure & without any side effects as well. Thanks to Dr Arpit & Modern Homeopathy


Way of counseling mode of Dr Arpit & team with Modern homoeopathy treatment is very excellent in terms of deranged mentality of patients because it matters lot in treating any case. Thanks to Dr Arpit & team for same.


Successfully received all health related treatment at Aarogya Super Speciallity Homeopathic Clinic (Computerised)in single treatment medicinal care with unlimited consult & medicinal facility for entire month.

Aviral Jain,

I am very happy with the modern homeopathic medical care by Dr. Arpit Chopra (MD Homeopath) as at Aarogya Clinic, I got complete care without any hassle and at anytime as per my requirement. Thanks to him.


Very good treatment for all health complaints, one thing is good that we have not to go for different doctors for different system disease, here I got complete disease treatment in same time with expert MD doctor'

vipi*****@gmail.com | 88*****433

12 Minutes Ago

Very Good


90*****33228th Feb, 2017



pals*****@gmail.com | 99*****95518th Feb, 2017


Sahil Khabila*****@gmail.com | 89*****732

3rd Feb, 2017

I was suffering from CHRONIC EAR DISCHARGE OR OTORRHOEA since birth,i took lot of treatment from many doctors and no surity and hope received anywhere though all test was normal but in Aarogya Super Specialty Modern Homeopathic Clinic Computerized under treatment of CRITICAL CASE SPECIALIST & MD homeopath Dr Arpit Chopra this problem got cured only in one & half month only,which was unbelievable but true ,really i sincerely recommend Aarogya Super Speciallity Modern Homeopathic Clinic Computerized & Dr Arpit chopra for any kind of critical problems,thanks sir again 

Arpit Jain

86*****37625th Jan, 2017

Thankful to Arpit sir who cured my constipation and hair fall problem just in 20 days.

Neeraj Goyal

91*****1565th Jan, 2017


Nitesh Choudhry

97*****10027th Dec, 2016

I was suffering from boils as it was happened to me first time, I scared with the therapies and all what I heard from other patients then I searched for dermatologist with just dial and Aarogya homepathy was one of it. Dr. Jain called me and he counsel me with very patience And assured me that I don't need to go with surgery and he has given me medicine for just 5 days & finally the miracle happens n within 4 days I was 85% fine and today I have taken the same medicine for another 4 days. Trust me if you are any medical illness consult Mr. Jain first and you'll start trusting him and homeopathy as well. Thanks Mr. Jain & Just Dial too. Nitesh

Surendra Namdev

90*****25726th Dec, 2016

Very Good


anee*****@ymail.com | 78*****57825th Dec, 2016

Very Good

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